Seminar Perniagaan Internet Malaysia

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Seminar Perniagaan Internet overview

Seminar Perniagaan Internet can be very tricky if we do not know what is the exact requirement on the knowledge that we are planning to get. No Doubt, the speaker's personality will be the best factor that influences each and everyone to join. So what are the others factor that we have to consider

1. On the ground Experience
Before you sign-up any seminar perniagaan internet, make sure you have study the background of the speaker. Make sure she or he has on the ground experience so that she/he talk the real. We do not want people who know how to talk on the surface. That is not going to benefits everyone.

2. Reputation
The reputation of the speaker MUST has a good track records. There is no point after paying them a money for the seminar and at the end of the seminar, there is no support provided. Make sure the organizer of the seminar offer support after service

3. Content
Check the content of the seminar. Make sure you know what is your level. Beginner, intermediate or advance. Find out which content fall into your categories.